Cool Manicure Ideas - Beautiful Nail Art Designs

Manicure №1629

Black and yellow gel polish design on the nails square shape.

Manicure №1628

Beautiful blue manicure with white relief patterns and rhinestones on the ring finger.

Manicure №1627

Red oval nails with flowers (oval shape, gel polish drawing)

Manicure №1626

Purple nails with pattern on wet gel polish and rhinestones.

Manicure №1625

Chic nail design: quilted decor on the finger nail, pink gel-polish, rhinestones.

Manicure №1623

Great nail design idea: painting on wet gel polish, rhinestones, multicolored nails.

Manicure №1622

Magnificent nail design with flowers (vintage nail-art).

Manicure №1620

Yellow and orange ombre manicure with rhinestones.