Cool Manicure Ideas - Beautiful Nail Art Designs

Manicure №1607

Pink french manicure with a dedicated ring finger nail.

Manicure №1606

White french manicure with blue gel polish and rhinestones on the nail of the ring finger.

Manicure №1605

Stained glass french nails with abstract black pattern.

Manicure №1604

Black and bright yellow gel nail polish, rhinestones and beads on the nail of the middle finger, relief pattern on the ring finger.

Manicure №1603

Simple pink manicure: crystals on the nail of the ring finger, matt and glossy topcoat, gentle pink gel nail polish.

Manicure №1602

White ang gold nail-art: snowflakes, short nails, winter theme

Manicure №1601

Shades of orange and yellow, multicolored crystals, vertical gel polish gradient.

Manicure №1600

Black french manicure with frinestones and microbeads on short nails.

Manicure №1599

blue gel varnish, gradient on the nails, shades of orange, crystals, oval nails.

Manicure №1598

American french manicure with silver sparkles and stars on the index finger.

Manicure №1597

Short blue manicure with chic inlaid on the ring finger.

Manicure №1596

Pink and black french manicure with purple 3d roses.