Cool Manicure Ideas - Beautiful Nail Art Designs

Manicure №1619

Wedding nails with flowers, rhinestones and pearls

Manicure №1618

Pink short nails with 3D rose and Swarovski crystals.

Manicure №1616

Green nail design: beetle, square nails, summer theme,accent on the ring finger.

Manicure №1614

Nails with colored foil (blue and black gel polish, oval shape)

Manicure №1613

Lilac nail design with 3D flower, glitter and patterns.

Manicure №1612

Black and red manicure with crystals and caviar beads on the ring finger. (neat manicure, short nails, two-tone nail art, gel polish, glossy finish)

Manicure №1611

Painted flowers, white gel lacquer, shades of orange gel lacquer, rhinestones and beads.

Manicure №1609

Sweet french manicure with rhinestones on the nail of the ring finger

Manicure №1608

a wonderful idea: blue gel varnish, rhinestones on the middle finger and glitter.